Experiential Learning. Targeted Mentorship. Portfolio Moments.

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Let’s be honest. You won’t JUST be making coffee in this internship.

Work and learn alongside industry professionals with real-world clients.

Experience what it means to make a client a “Guest at Their Own Event.”

Here at Andrea Lyn Events, we delight in providing high quality internships designed to prepare our interns for the workplace past their college education. We don’t just want to provide an internship opportunity that checks the boxes, but one that fills you with invaluable experiences not found in a classroom.
We focus on firsthand experience similar to the University of Missouri’s Journalism School and its “Missouri Method.” Our interns jump into projects alongside our event professionals and have real-world responsibilities and experiences. These include – shadowing client meetings, constructing event orders, designing for events and participating in producing social media content. That’s just a taste of what our interns experience on a daily basis.
Both ALE owners, Andrea Lyn and Jonathan, have a passion for mentoring their interns. When starting this internship, you will select a focus area and be assigned a mentor staff member. This targeted mentorship will allow you a chance to dive deep in one area of the event industry and grow dramatically while at Andrea Lyn Events.

Internship Focus Areas

Event Planning

Event Design

Event Promotion

While growing under mentorship, our interns will be given projects to manage to create moments to showcase their work. Experience from these projects are encouraged to be used for their portfolio and resume. Not only does Andrea Lyn Events want each intern to grow for their future outside of the company but we are always looking for great people to join our team and our former interns is the first list we consult when looking to hire.
If you like the sound of experiential learning, targeted mentorship and portfolio opportunities – then this internship is for you! We offer Spring, Summer and Fall internships for current college students. To apply, click the link below.
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